Wear All White, Feel Like A Boss


Wearing all white makes you feel like rule breaker. You are totally angelic in presentation, but with a sly smile. Whether it’s the dead of winter or you’re passing through a crowd of party goers all dressed in black, it’s striking. When something really strikes me, I call it a RSHSM: a roller skate head-slam moment.

As a kid, I was never more obsessed with roller skating than the week my dad poured a fresh coat of concrete on the driveway of our country home. Honestly I don’t know if it was the new smooth surface contrasting the fact that our house was in the woods, or the way my neon blue and yellow striped tennis shoe skates looked against the sea of grey.

I recall falling backwards once and feeling time just freeze (really) as my head hit the ground and I processed the magnitude of the impact. Roller skate. Head. Slam. Moment.

The first time I saw someone dressed entirely in white was a RSHSM. My eyes landed on her outfit. Time froze, and I processed the magnitude of the style moment. Whereas I routinely wore all black, it never occurred to me to wear all white.

All black is the obvious, go-to, always-in-style uniform. It provides a cover of cool, physically and psychologically. It stands out by blending in.

This is what wearing all white does for me:

Makes you feel polished.

Makes you feel bright, crisp.

Makes people wonder how you make it through the day without spilling on yourself.

Makes people wonder why you don’t care that you spilled on yourself (implied confidence).white3

Wear all white with these outfit ideas

My favorite everyday white ensemble: J Brand’s white skinny jeans, a white, Stella McCartney silk blouse, Yves Saint Laurent black leather belt and boots.

When I want to emote power and style: Gucci ivory trousers, DVF ivory and gold blouse, and an ivory boyfriend blazer.

The ‘Oh Please! Please! Please!’ item on my 2016 style wish list?

A white leather jacket, of course.

Best Wishes for a happy 2016.



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