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We’re starting a new interview series, and have invited #glamhivegirl Sophia Molen, founder of Blog and the City, to interview a fashion blogger every week, with the aim to inspire you and to discover what it’s like to be a famous blogger.

This week’s spotlight is on Aleksandra Skorupan- blogger at Velvet and Milk. She is a 25-year-old economist from Belgrade, and one of her passions is photography. She’s taught herself the ins and outs of this field and has been involved in the creative direction of various online magazines. Her effortless style is what caught our eyes, and we love to see her lifestyle shots in our Instagram feeds once in a while. We got the chance to ask her a few questions about her blog and personal style.


How would you describe your personal style?
Since my teenage years I have tried almost every style there is, and came to the conclusion that a laid back but chic style is what fits me best. It’s pretty much mix and match. Sometimes it’s boyish, sometimes feminine (but never girly) – I love to think it reflects my persona and my attitude.

What is your statement look? 
My statement look is a white shirt and cigarette pants paired with Superstar sneakers and a good bag. Summer version of this would be shirt, shorts and Birkenstock look-a-like slides.

koton pants mango sweater adidas superstar belgrade fashion blog velvet and milk

You’ve been blogging for several years. What are the most important lessons you’ve learned from blogging? 
The most obvious thing is that I’ve learned a lot about what looks good on me, and what doesn’t. Looking at the photos of myself almost every day for the past 4 years, I have become more objective and honest to myself. I’ve also learned how to communicate with my audience, how to send a certain message. The most important thing is that I’ve learned to appreciate what I do, and the effort I put into my blog.

What is your all-time favorite clothing piece?
A simple white shirt! I love how versatile it can be. Depending on how you build an outfit around it, it can be professional, chic, cool, sexy, anything!

What is your favorite brand connected to Glamhive?
That would be ASOS, without doubt!

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Interview by Sophia Molen. Sophia is the founder of fashion blogger’s platform Blog and The City, and blogging personally at Tao of Sophia. Follow her on Glamhive @taoofsophia. 

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