Trendcast: Whimsy is Not Just for Pirates and Princesses


It’s one of those days when you don’t want to wake up and everything basically sucks. You don’t have the closet from the movie Clueless, unlimited funds, and time to build the wardrobe of your dreams. Welcome to this morning, princess! Welcome to a magical place called fashion where you can be anyone you want today no matter what anyone says. Making a game out of getting dressed and adding a little whimsy can make dressing up something of an adventure.

One of my favorite photographers once walked in the studio, put his foot on an apple box and said “I’m feeling very Italian vacation today.” You know, linen pants and a linen shirt and boat shoes. This is a person who also wore a fur coat poolside in Las Vegas, and was thanked because “no one dresses up anymore.” He’s one of my favorite people for the stories he tells with visuals. The creativity he put in every day really defined whimsy for me. Sometimes that’s what you need… A little whimsy in your everyday and a little fun in the mundane.  So as homage to a creative who once said “you know, I’m not really thinking about anything. It’s more like, blue sky, chair, LA, and to most people, that’s nothing” when asked what are you thinking. Here are a few things you can do to bring some of that magic back to your wardrobe:

  • Start with your accessories. For example, take a multi-strand necklace and wear it in your hair. You can also do a little less by wearing your belts at different levels on your waistline to create a different silhouette. Kinda like a pirate.
  • Wear unexpected shoes. No one said you cannot put on your party shoes during the day. Like pair a  Stuart Weitzman rhinestone shoe with jeans.
  • Shirts. Wear blouses with ruffles or style in a silk scarf.

Trendcast: Whimsy is Not Just for Pirates and Princesses Trendcast: Whimsy is Not Just for Pirates and Princesses

Left: vanilla-&-velvet works a pirate blouse into her dailywear. Right: gigi-d  wears a necklace as a statement headpiece.

Alright, we are basically the Dread Pirate Roberts as a hot girl right now. Inspiration can come from a favorite movie and nothing says that you cannot be a female pirate.

So in keeping in our aforementioned photographer’s spirit (seeing the beauty and adventure in everything), look at your closet a little differently today. Flip through a magazine and pick a look to emulate or take pieces from it. Pick something that might not be “you”and put that on, then build your outfit around it. Fashion is art. I have a rule about art, I want something, in which I can see something new in it every day. So maybe mix your style up for the rest of your week. You might just surprise yourself with what you find buried in there. I know that’s what I’m about to do, as I really am bored with everything that I am wearing. Or find the door to Narnia. Really, get on Glamhive when you wake up and get inspired by what other people are posting. Draw from the inspiration because it truly is everywhere.

myblondegal on Glamhive | Trendcast: Whimsy is Not Just for Pirates and Princesses

Above: myblondegal wears the silk scarf well with a voluminous white shirt. Main photo: brokehell rocks a flower crown. Because why not?

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