Trendcast: Paris Fashion Week in a Daydream

Trendcast: Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week… Paris in the springtime, it’s everything that I love. I love going to Mariage Frères and getting tea from the giant tins, and heading to Esteban and always hoping for the elusive incense that one of my favorite photo directors sent me out for once-upon-a-time a million years ago. Guess what? They don’t make it. I know we spoke about the shows in NYC and the shows in London—now let’s talk Paris. To preface, I have a love/hate relationship with Paris, but that is neither here nor there. When it comes to clothing however, I love. Paris is dark and romantic and houses all my favorite designers: Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Celine, etc.

The fabrics are luxe and sensual, reminiscent of lingerie for some designers, giving it a loose feel, as if one could roll out of bed, throw on their favorite cage sandal, denim, and leather jacket and head out to lunch with the ladies or happy hour depending on the time of day. Paris has a certain feel about it—an ease, a loss of time, and an urgency all at once. Paris is such a strange place.

Or there is the more rigid, militaristic approach of Rick Owens, which is not what I think of when I think of Rick. I think more leather, more jersey (the fabric not the show); some very easy to wear pieces I would associate in the aforementioned paragraph. However, this was a little surprising to see more structured pieces come down the runway. At the same time a little structure never hurt anyone. I mean Akris gets me every time.

I’m excited to see what Alexander Wang shows as the creative director of Balenciaga, another favorite house of mine since before I could pronounce it. I feel like it will be a nice break from the languid feel of most of the designers showing at Paris Fashion Week. I am admittedly behind on watching the shows.

I know I’m not really forecasting much here but I need to absorb a bit of what has transpired and then I can translate it into a more wearable version.

Not to say I don’t fully intend to roll out of bed and somehow magically make the day happen in my pajamas tomorrow, and just call it ‘inspired.’ I wonder if anyone would notice.

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