Trendcast: The One Piece Swimsuit Will Rule Them All


Back when swimwear was referred to as a “bathing costume,” cumbersome fabric clinged down to the shins, and beach days could only be photographed in black and white, the one piece swimsuit ruled. Then the bikini was invented in the 1940s, and it eventually became the spring break standard. Since today’s one pieces have evolved so much, we’re due for a little Baywatch revival. It’s time they took the standard spot once again.

WHAT to wear: There are so many variations to choose from. Plunge. High cut. Retro. Cut-out. If you’re unsure, just dive in and return, return, return if necessary.

WHO’s wearing it?: Anyone wishing to recapture the magic of the 90s supermodel, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and posse, modest folk, devotees of the minimalist aesthetic, that retro girl with the cat eye sunglasses.

Trendcast: The One Piece Swimsuit Will Rule Them All | Glamhive blog

Glamhive member @watersriley pairs a leaf-print one piece with black shorts and cool accessories.

WHERE to wear: The pool, the beach, or anywhere. The cool thing about one pieces is that you can wear them as a playsuit top under virtually anything.

HOW to wear: Scrrrrrrrrrrr. Stop. This is where all our good intentions come to a halt. Swimwear and body issues… yay! Like the Pinterest quote goes, a “bikini” body is a body wearing a bikini, so let’s assume you’ll rock whatever you please.

But, consider a few things: If you have a proportionally long torso and can’t keep the fabric from riding up you-know-where while it still can’t even stretch enough to cover the girls, look for tall sizes (J. Crew and Asos both carry swimwear in tall). The same piece of advice goes for “petite” and “plus” sizes; fit is going to be key here. Asos has a great amount of sizing types and is a good place to start the search.

Cheat code: If you just can’t get a one piece to work, find some high waist bikini bottoms and pair it with a longline bustier top. It achieves a similar effect and is way cooler than the dorky tankini.

All that’s fit to print

clovercanyonTrendcast: The One Piece Swimsuit Will Rule Them All | Glamhive blogmarahoffmanswim7

Left to right: Clover Canyon hanging flowers one piece, Romwe plunge neck leaf print cutout one piece, Mara Hoffman prismatic crotchet one piece, Emilio Pucci jungle printed one piece swimsuit.


Make it minimal

Trendcast: The One Piece Swimsuit Will Rule Them All | Glamhive blogswim10swim4swim11

Left to right: She Made Me Laharia one piece, Topshop plunge mesh swimsuit, Lisa Marie Fernandez Farrah neoprene one piece, OYE Swimwear Bane deep v one piece swimsuit.

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