Trendcast: Need a New 9 to 5 Dress Code? Office Chic Decoded.


Looking to impose a new dress code on your nine-to-five wardrobe? We tapped the Glamhive community for looks that artfully embody that hard-to-define category of work wear: office chic. Whether your workspace is a cubicle, corner office, co-working space, or an art studio, consider office chic decoded. Let’s get to work!

Dressed Up Downtown

Office Chic Decoded

Office Chic Decoded

Dressing down while dressing up is no small feat, but @itsvandunem and @siljep make it look effortless. @itsvandunem rocks Chuck Taylor tennis shoes with a suit and @siljep pairs a sharp blazer and untucked shirt with lightly distressed denim. The key to success is adding one casual item to an outfit that is primarily formal and well-tailored.

Left: Shop @itsvandunem‘s look. Right: Shop @siljep‘s look.

Shop Chuck Taylor shoes and distressed straight leg denim on Glamhive.

Pitch Perfect Power Suit

Office Chic DecodedOffice Chic DecodedCongratulations! You just nailed your pitch because you are that much of a boss… And your outfit reflects that. There’s nothing like the power of a monochromatic suit — professional, streamlined, sophisticated. Whether it’s all black, deep teal, or vibrant red, a unified color scheme projects confidence and competence. That’s how you do office chic.

Left: Shop @annabrain‘s look. Right: Shop @davidnyanzi‘s street style snap of Natasha Ndlovu.

Shop pantsuits and skirt suits.

Color Pick-Me-Up

Office Chic Decoded Office Chic DecodedShirt, pants, shoes, check. Now take your figurative PhotoShop paint bucket tool and inject some technicolor into your #oootd (office outfit of the day). No need to grab that extra coffee — a shot of magenta may just do the trick. What makes this work? Both looks pair bright solids with soft neutrals like grey and cream.

Left: Shop @cleopatrasfashion‘s look. Right: Shop @davinyanzi‘s street style snap of Caroline Daur.

Shop colorful trousers.

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Office Chic DecodedOffice Chic DecodedShe’s fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack… A short skirt paired under a long jacket is an excellent way to look put-together when warm weather hits. We love how @annabrain‘s jacket looks like a mod shift dress. Groovy!

Left: Shop @annabrain‘s look.  Right: Shop @kseniasles‘ look.

Shop suit jackets and blazer coats.

The Neutral Mixer

Office Chic Decoded Office Chic Decoded White, cream, beige, navy, black, brown, tan, and grey are forever chic on their own, but when worn in luxe fabrics. Create a tonal effect by mixing white, tan, and brown like @cleopatrasfashion and off-white, navy and nude like @lenamagdaspot.

Left: Shop @cleopatrasfashion‘s look. Right: Shop @lenamagdaspot‘s look.

Shop silk blouses and crepe trousers.

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