Trendcast: I Never Had Army Barbie


When I was growing up, I never had Army Barbie. I always had the Barbie with the hair that grew back, to go with her LA Looks glitter styling gel. I had the Barbie that was getting married, or Barbie’s younger sister, or schoolteacher Barbie. Barbie’s different looks and themes encompassed many lifestyles, which isn’t surprising considering that she spent 50 years with a man who then came out of the closet. Whether it was landing on the moon, or landing a gay man, the 20th century had many firsts for Barbie.

However, in all my years of collecting Barbies, I don’t remember an official Barbie/GI Joe crossover. There were some aftermarket editions where the voice boxes had been switched, but for the most part, the military was foreign to Barbie, which makes it foreign to me.

Recently, I was at G-Star RAW in Los Angeles, and a salesclerk convinced me to try on a jumpsuit. Not just any jumpsuit, but a military-inspired, olive green jumpsuit with a drop crotch and gusseted knees. Usually, I avoid the color green, since I have red hair, but this jumpsuit changed my mind on the color combo instantly. I bought the jumpsuit on a whim, with every intention of returning it, but it grew on me. Over the last month, the jumpsuit has gotten more compliments than any other item of clothing I own.

Trendcast: I Never Had Army Barbie | Glamhive blog

The G-Star jumpsuit.

Next up on my military checklist is the perfect pair of camouflage pants. Camo pants are hard to find, especially nice ones. It’s very difficult to not look passé or ratchet while wearing camo, but I’m sure that someday, I will find a pair that makes me slightly uncomfortable, and I will grow to love them the same way I love my G-Star jumpsuit.

This post may seem like it’s just about buying this season’s hottest trends, but it’s not. It’s about pushing the fashion envelope, even when you’re the one who usually pushes it on other people. It’s about those who give fashion advice applying that advice in their own lives.  Remember to explore the boundaries whenever the opportunity arises, and the result will be a more interesting conversation for everyone.

afterparty armiespant camouo gstar

Left to right: After Party army jacket,  The Great armies pant, BDG camo pant, G-Star jumpsuit.

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Main photo: vanilla-&-velvet.

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