Trendcast: We Need to Talk About Your Flair


Flair: stylishness and originality. These character attributes are the ultimate goals in fashion, and can hardly be called a trend. Flair as a trend, however, is the physical decoration of oneself to express that stylishness and originality, oftentimes represented in a graphic or cartoony illustration… Kind of like emojis in physical form. Remember in the movie Office Space when Jennifer Aniston plays a waitress at that cheesy restaurant? Her boss hounds her for not having enough “flair.” She only has – gasp – 15 funny little pins (instead of the preferred 37) decorating her corporate-issued suspenders. Funny little pins… That’s a type of flair. And in the end of the scene when she expresses herself by flipping her dimwitted boss the big ol’ bird? That’s flair too.

WHAT to wear: Statements of originality and illustrated graphics come alive in the form of pins, embroidery, patches, prints, and cell phone covers. I’ve even seen an entire backpack that looked like an illustration of itself (let’s call that supersized flair). Embracing this trend is all about personalization, whimsy, and exaggeration.

WHO’s wearing it?: Originality-seekers, men and women, off-duty models, Pokémon catchers in all levels of nerd, waiters at cheesy restaurants. Designers and brands that sell it:, Gucci, Anya Hindmarch, Georgia Perry…


@rosielai adds a subtle amount of flair with an Anya Hindmarch clutch.

WHERE to wear: Your flair is meant to be seen. Wear it on the street, music festivals, and anywhere the (googly) eyes are on you. 👀

HOW to wear: The cool thing about flair is that you can buy something with your self-expression chosen for you (insert eye roll emoji here), or you can do it yourself. Apply a Drake pin or beautifully embroidered Gucci-like patch to a vintage denim jacket, baseball cap, some ratty old Levi’s, your handbag, or pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t matter what you pair this trend with or how far you take it. Flair is like a tattoo for your wardrobe and no one can tell you the right way to do it.

Glamhivers, we’re seeing you subtly incorporate flair into your looks. Keep posting in the Glamhive app and show us your stylishness and originality. 😉

IMG_4824  gigid

Left: OMG! We spotted this stylish lady and her denim jacket during our Paris trip and posted her look to @glamhive-style. Right: The always killer @gigi-d rocks a popcorn printed t-shirt.

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Left to right: Anya Hindmarch all over stickers crossbody bag, alice + olivia Chloe denim jacket, Georgia Perry Drake pin, Hat Attack patched up clutch, Georgia Perry lips patch.

Main photo credit: Gucci.


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