Trendcast: Make Ruffles Your Power Suit

Trendcast: Make Ruffles Your Power Suit

Ruffles don’t immediately conjure up the best examples of fashion triumphs. Potato chips? Yes. Little House On The Prairie? Yes. Epically bad 80s prom dresses? Totally.

In the age of the saucily ruffled salsa dancer emoji, the time for ruffles is now. 💃🏻 The trend fits seamlessly within the “girl squad” storyline told in the social and fashion realms: own your girliness and harness power from the women around you. There is a different kind of power to be found in ruffles though. You can’t hide; your whimsical nature (ahem, personality) is loudly on display. It’s a far cry from a sleek suit where power and stoicism come naturally, all without looking like you’re trying too hard. A voluminously ruffled top can puff up your stature like a mean set of shoulder pads. Make ruffles your power suit.

WHAT to wear: The ruffles trend is a slight spin-off of the off-the-shoulder tops we all seem to be wearing presently. The thing about ruffles is that they can be worn on anything and in any volume. Wear them on off-the-shoulder tops, pant hems, bonnets (we’re committing to the Little House reference here), sleeves, skirts, collars, dresses, and accessories. A trendcast tip: search for exaggerated ruffled sleeves now to wear come fall.

WHO’s wearing it?: Man Repellers, Marc Jacobs and Gucci mannequins, brides, vintage goddesses, ladies residing on prairies.

Aimee Song, Song of Style | Trendcast: Make Ruffles Your Power Suit

Aimee Song, spotted by @glamhive-style

Gucci Paris | Trendcast: Make Ruffles Your Power Suit

Gucci Paris @stephanie

WHERE to wear: Drinks with your squad, salsa class, a large open area of grassland, down the aisle. In a boat, with a goat…

HOW to wear: This is where you counterbalance maximum frou frou with a little minimalism. Throw on a kooky ruffled top with a pair of Levi’s or trouser shorts. If it’s your bottom half that’s ruffled, wear a t-shirt or spaghetti strap tank on top. If full-on peacocking is the name of the game, find a co-ord set and pump up the volume. Whatever volume of ruffle you turn up to, anchor the look with a block heel, mules, or a simple strappy sandal. Power on.



Left to right: SEA exploded eyelet ruffle top, Alexis Rachel ruffle dress, Gucci Owen Trompe L’oeil sandals, Holly Fulton pencil skirt with ruffled hem, Cupcakes and Cashmere Lulu off shoulder dress.

Main photo: @karolinagespucci.


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