Trendcast: The Deconstructed Oxford


Summer is just around the bend, I swear it is. I know it’s still a little chilly in Southern California, but I promise summer is coming. It’s strange to think about summer sometimes since my normal color palette is pretty drab. I’m talking black, white, grey, brown, and navy blue… very, very, tonal. But I love it. Regardless, every summer I put my rocker chic in packing and pull out the pretty, colorful clothes and my gold boat shoes. However, this transitional period calls for transitional clothing. This is where we bring in something new…

There was a trend traipsing down the runway for spring: the deconstructed oxford. Sounds crazy right? It kind of is, and that’s what makes it fun. Deconstructed sweaters are one of my favorite winter things, so the deconstructed oxford should totally be one of my new faves.

I had a hard time figuring out what exactly this meant, but once I did I took it out for a few test-traipses. Mind you, I’m not super tall, so oxfords are always a little difficult on me. They end up blousey, wrinkled, and a general mess. I’m more of a tee-with-an-embellished-collar when it comes to wearing an oxford. Or I go completely to the opposite side of the spectrum and put on a shirt with ruffles or stripes. On a day when I’m really pulling out all the stops? Stripes and ruffles.

If you look up deconstructed oxfords, they look a little crazy. However, they do solve the blousey problem. If you have an oxford and you want to try this out before committing to a designer piece, you could follow what I did and pull out the safety pins and do a little DIY. I went with the wrap approach and fastened with the safety pins. You can pin from the outside or the inside. Totally up to you. This gives the shirt a totally updated and edgy look. Part of me wants to stop by Goodwilll and grab another oxford, grab a pair of scissors, bust out the sewing machine, and actually deconstruct it. And then reconstruct it in an interesting way. I’ll keep you posted if I choose to combine this look and the off the shoulder trend that’s going on now as well.

I know this is a little short but hopefully inspires you to try something new with an old classic.

Trendcast: The Deconstructed Oxford  Trendcast: The Deconstructed Oxford

Main photo: thefrenchfries is inspiring our summer look. Above left and right: bloggernotbillionaire already has this trend handled.

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