Trendcast: 80s Fashion Makes A Comeback

80s Fashion Makes A Comeback | Glamhive Blog

After reviewing as many of the shows as I could from fashion month (which isn’t all of them admittedly… Still keeping up!), I thought I would review some of my favorite looks coming out of the woodwork again. In addition to black (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before–I wear a lot of black!), a couple of the predominant trends I saw during Paris Fashion week are things I already love. Hint: 80s fashion. I’m bringing a few options to the table and discussing how to wear them if you aren’t me, the all-black wearing weirdo.

80s Power

The 80s shoulder pads are making a comeback. One of my favorite things to wear with sharp shoulders is a blazer. It’s a great go-to, and it’s a great layering piece in transitional seasons. There is something nostalgic about shoulder pads for me… They always say POWER SUIT, BIG CELL PHONES, BIG HAIR! Looking though the shows and seeing the oversized shoulders, I can’t shake the feeling of the 80s. I think a classic pantsuit is what I’ll be going with.

A great casual outfit I’m hoping to see is the light jean, the slightly oversized white tee, and a navy or camel blazer with a woven belt. If you’re really feeling it, you could change up the belt and go with a bold color like magenta. Bonus 80s fashion points if you match the shoes to the belt, even if you go with a more subdued color. To finish, I highly recommend throwing on a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters or Wayfarers and watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Saved By The Bell.

80s Fashion Makes A Comeback | Glamhive Blog 80s Fashion Makes A Comeback | Glamhive Blog

Left: anisasojka, Right: katherineivon.

One Piece

Another amazing 80s piece that has made its way back into our little fashion hearts is the one piece. Regardless of the impossibility of our ability to pee in it, it’s in fact on my next To Purchase list. There is a specific design house out of Seattle love that makes this mesh body suit that looks amazing with leggings and harem pants. There is this gorgeous jersey vest that goes well with it too. I can’t wait to get home from New York and pick it up. It’s divine.

80s Fashion Makes A Comeback | Glamhive Blog 80s Fashion Makes A Comeback | Glamhive Blog

Left: minipennyblog. Right: bebasglam.

Moto Jacket

One of the other trends I saw throughout more than one collection is the moto jacket. I love my leather moto jacket and I’m glad it’s staying on trend. The thing with the moto jacket is it’s incredibly versatile. It literally goes with everything. Everything. If you want to wear a floral print dress it totally goes with it.The jacket adds a little edge, and if you add a more feminine shoe it keeps it feminine. Or you can throw on a boot with a little more weight, and it becomes a little edgier of a look. At this moment I’m referring specifically to a tiny, delicate dress, like a cami dress or something with a fine floral sprint.

What else can you wear with the moto jacket? Just about anything really–I mean it–anything. Even if you decide to wear a classic PJ top with a moto jacket and jeans, you’re still good. The moto jacket has never gone out of style and never will go out of style (over my broken Prada heels it will). My love for it is probably what gives me the confidence that it goes with anything.

Honestly a skinny pantsuit and a moto jacket might be my new look, simply for my love of both. The power suit and the moto jacket really are at different ends of the statement spectrum and there is no real reason they can’t go together.

80s Fashion Makes A Comeback | Glamhive Blog 80s Fashion Makes A Comeback

Left: minorinfluence. Right: bangsbang.

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