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Trendcast: Need a New 9 to 5 Dress Code? Office Chic Decoded.


Looking to impose a new dress code on your nine-to-five wardrobe? We tapped the Glamhive community for looks that artfully embody that hard-to-define category of work wear: office chic. Whether your workspace is a cubicle, corner office, co-working space, or an art studio, consider office chic decoded. Let’s get to work! Dressed Up Downtown Dressing down while dressing up is no small feat, but @itsvandunem and @siljep make …

5 Summer Office Looks We Actually Want to Wear


When we think of office-wear, we think of practical, appropriate, HR-approved clothing. Which is to say that when we think of office-wear the word boring with a capital B springs to mind. Corporate suits, black-on-black-on-black, flat-soled shoes, crunchy button-downs; it all sounds pretty horrible. Add 85+ degree weather on top of it and horrible becomes unbearable. Dressing for the office in the summer is hard. …