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Trendcast: Winter Outfits That Bring the Heat


It’s difficult to think about making a sartorial statement when you’re in full survival-mode. It’s cold, but that doesn’t mean our wardrobes are limited to functional coats and wool socks. When it comes to winter outfits, the Glamhive community brings the heat we need to conquer our winter wardrobe brain freeze. Let’s turn up the heat… Honor Your Animal Instincts If survival is your goal, it’s best to look like …

Blue Shoes Are the Post-Winter Therapy You Need


Have the winter blues? Well, you should. Blue is more than just a cool tone in 2016. Pantone made Serenity one of two colors-of-the-year, but all forms of the shade are topical. If you don’t wear any other color, try blue shoes. Did you know that Instagram photos with blue in them get more likes? I read it in an article somewhere, so it must be true. …

Why Grey Matters In Your Wardrobe

Why Grey Matters on Glamhive

Poor grey gets a bad wrap. Grey skies, 50 Shades, going grey… It’s essentially known for gloomy weather, an awkward movie, and aging. It’s also known as the color of the classic sweatshirt– the universal fashion symbol for “I have stopped caring.” I’m here to remind you how amazing a grey outfit can be. Grey is the middle child between black and white. Black is the uber cool older …