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Trendcast: Winter Outfits That Bring the Heat


It’s difficult to think about making a sartorial statement when you’re in full survival-mode. It’s cold, but that doesn’t mean our wardrobes are limited to functional coats and wool socks. When it comes to winter outfits, the Glamhive community brings the heat we need to conquer our winter wardrobe brain freeze. Let’s turn up the heat… Honor Your Animal Instincts If survival is your goal, it’s best to look like …

Trendcast: The Robe Coats Are Coming!

Trendcast: The Robe Coats Are Coming! | Glamhive blog

The robe coats are coming! The robe coats are coming! Now that you have been sufficiently alerted, let’s go over what this means. They’re not quite a dusters, not quite robes, not quite kimonos: They’re robe coats. Oftentimes satin with delicate floral prints, bedroom-appropriate color schemes, and a belted waist, these coats take their cue from romantic robes. Other times they take a minimalist turn …