5 Summer Office Looks We Actually Want to Wear


When we think of office-wear, we think of practical, appropriate, HR-approved clothing. Which is to say that when we think of office-wear the word boring with a capital B springs to mind. Corporate suits, black-on-black-on-black, flat-soled shoes, crunchy button-downs; it all sounds pretty horrible. Add 85+ degree weather on top of it and horrible becomes unbearable. Dressing for the office in the summer is hard. On the one hand you don’t want to get fired for showing too much skin, but on the other it’s hot out and you’d rather not sweat through your shift dress while grabbing post-work Happy Hour drinks with your friends.  

Thankfully, our fellow Glamhivers are chockfull of unique and stylish ideas that make work wear something we actually want to wear and not something we feel like the HR department squeezed us into like sausage meat confined in casings.

Take @karolinagespucci’s feminine ensemble as your first foray into office-wear that’s cooler than a cucumber on ice. The lace shirt paired with her button-down-inspired A-line skirt is water cooler-chic thanks to her lace-up black pumps and structured bag, but it’s also something we can imagine wearing to Sunday brunch. Just swap out the pumps for espadrilles and you’ve got yourself a casual look ready to withstand that monster plate of eggs. Whoever thought work wear should be reserved for Monday through Friday was seriously mistaken.


@myfashionpoint makes a case for the black-on-black-on-black look we kind of just poo-pooed by adding a pop of color with a 9-5 appropriate oxford tied around her waist. We can even imagine wearing the button-down the more traditional way at the office and then wrapping it around our waist like so for a post-work movie date.


We can always turn to the French for style inspiration and @lenamahfouf’s all-white outfit has Summer Friday’s written all over it. It’s sleek with a twist thanks to the red bandana tied around her neck and we can imagine each of her garments translating seamlessly into other outfits for a weekend away with friends.


@ruxandraioana masters sophistication by buttoning her floral shirtdress all the way up. It’s a foolproof way to look put together, even when you’re not, and when you’re ready to relax, just unbutton the top few buttons and let loose! That frozen margarita isn’t going to drink itself.


Finally, @anisasojka proves that suits don’t have to be boring with her short skirt and coordinating jacket. The muted tones and Cinderella shoes are an ethereal touch to her otherwise structured look, which makes this just the kind of outfit we can imagine wearing to a business meeting before trotting off to two for one oysters with the girls.

So, who’s excited to get dressed for work this week? Show us your summer office looks and post them to the Glamhive app!

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