Trendcast: You Need a Straw Bag, Stat!

Trendcast: You Need a Straw Bag, Stat! | Glamhive blog

The thought process of buying a new handbag is a tumultuous one. On the one hand you’re like, “Yes! A shiny new receptacle to carry all my stuff!” But on the other you’re probably budgeting how many meals out you’ll have to sacrifice and subscription services you’ll have to cancel just to be able to afford the expensive tote you’ve had your eyes on for the past three months.

But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be so complicated…or expensive? What if we told you that amidst the current handbag trend-o-sphere sits a panoply of affordable totes that are as spicy an addition to an outfit as Sriracha is to a plate of eggs? Sounds appetizing, right?

Despite the fact that we’re beginning to move away from beach season, straw handbags are at peak popularity and we don’t see it ending anytime soon. These wicker baskets are a year round must-have and if you don’t believe us, just look to the eternally chic Jane Birkin who was known to wear her iconic basket tote with a fur jacket.

 Trendcast: You Need a Straw Bag, Stat! | Glamhive blog Trendcast: You Need a Straw Bag, Stat! | Glamhive blog

Left: Seams for a Desire via @steet-smart-style Right: The always on-trend Glamhiver @rosielai

WHAT to wear: From expansive totes to teeny tiny handbags, everyone from Clare V. to Rachel Comey and Dolce & Gabbana are showcasing straw handbags this season. That said, this is your chance to get creative. Take a browse through the endless supply of beachy bags on Etsy or meander over to your local gardening store and opt for an actual basket to carry all your everyday essentials.

WHO’s wearing it?: Jane Birkin, top fashion bloggers like Leandra Medine and Julia Engel, flea market goers, tomato pickers. This is a trend that transcends time and style.

WHERE to wear: Don’t let the beachy aesthetic stump you. This is a bag you can wear everywhere. We’re even willing to bet that the summery vibe can cure that seasonal depression that comes in the dead of winter.

HOW to wear: Again, just because it’s intended for the beach and flea market flowers doesn’t mean you have to abide to that aesthetic. Wear it with a summery dress and sandals. Transition into fall by pairing it with jeans and a leather jacket. Go all out in winter and confuse onlookers by wearing your straw bag with a down jacket and mittens. There are no rules here.

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Trendcast: You Need a Straw Bag, Stat! | Glamhive blogbayskyTrendcast: You Need a Straw Bag, Stat! | Glamhive blogTrendcast: You Need a Straw Bag, Stat! | Glamhive blogTrendcast: You Need a Straw Bag, Stat! | Glamhive blog

Left to right: En Shalla embroidered basket bag, Eliza Gran Venice tote, Bay Sky straw bag, Hat Attack round handle tote, Dolce & Gabbana Majolica-print leather and wicker basket bag.

Main photo: @ellaolivia. Shop Ella’s straw bag and more through Glamhive and earn your way to gift cards from your favorite fashion brands.

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