Selfie Makeup and Hair… In Case You Run Into a Celebrity

Selfie makeup and hair in case you run into a celebrity | Glamhive blog

As a wannabe minimalist, I’m on a forever quest to find the most efficient way to look good with little effort. You never know when the perfect morning light will stream through your window, if you’ll run into a fabulous friend at brunch, or hey, run into a celebrity at an event (it happened to me!). The urge to snap a selfie can strike at any time. Make sure you’ve got your selfie makeup and hair ready to go in case a legendary male model agrees to take a selfie with you. Here’s my story:

I was milling about this blogger event some time after Tyson Beckford popped in for a surprise appearance. After the craze died down, while everyone was listening to the featured speaker on stage (probably some talk about personal branding), I took the opportunity to ask him for a selfie. This was just before the huge selfie craze hit, and everyone else actually had another person take their photo with him. Selfies are so personal you know? Anyway, he was really cool about it and said yes. The problem? I did not look great. My hair was borderline greasy, my foundation was wearing off, and I had no tools with me to fix it. Don’t ask me why I showed up to a blogger event like that. Maybe it was because I flew in the day before. More likely, I was trying to be rebellious. It was a great memory, but I didn’t love the photo of me, so I was reluctant to post it. If you don’t post it, did it even happen?

Selfie makeup in 2 minutes

If only I had a beauty blender and foundation or concealer to freshen up where my makeup wore off. Oh, and some dry shampoo and a brush, or even a hair tie would have done me wonders. If you have two minutes to check yourself in the mirror: apply or reapply a light concealer, swipe on mascara, and pinch your cheeks for a little color (a trick I learned from Scarlett O’Hara).

Selfie makeup in 5 minutes

A selfie is all about the eyes. First, frame your face with a filled-in brow. I use brown eyeshadow and a brow brush but you can use a special brow powder if you want to get all technical. Next, do that little something that makes your eyes pop. Since I have blue eyes, I add brown in the crease. For you, it could be another color or a dash of eyeliner.

Next, brush a little bronzer across your cheeks to define your face. Make a fish face and follow the line of your cheekbones with your brush. Add a little more where the shadows hit your face… at your jawline and hairline for one. I call it contour lite. Lastly, I dab a little illuminator at the top of my cheekbones and on my lips when I’m in a rush.

If you have all day…

This is not the part where I teach you how to contour. Unless you are a Kardashian, and in that case you already have your own glam team to do it for you, contouring on a daily basis is a bit ridiculous. Save the contouring for a red carpet event, not the grocery store.

  • Skin. The most glam thing you can do for your face is to establish good skincare habits. An exfoliator and luxe moisturizer alone make me feel fresh enough to take a selfie sans-makeup. Don’t start your selfie makeup without it.
  • Foundation is a monster to tackle for another day. Does the perfect foundation even exist? I use a beauty blender to mix colors or add a little water to make it less cakey. Concealers I love are NARS radiant creamy concealer and YSL touche éclat radiant touch concealer.
  • Lips. Exfoliate with a lip scrub. And if you’re really improvising… A bit of cooking oil and sugar will do. Peeling lips aren’t sexy, and they’ll show in your selfie. Anything more is the cherry on top–finish your lips with a light gloss or shimmer, a neutral pink, or a signature red lip if you’re feeling spicy. If you haven’t found your red yet, MAC’s Ruby Woo works for most people and brings the sexy every time.
  • Brows and Eyes. Use the 5 minute routine above and go to town.
  • Hair. I’m a big fan of a smooth blowout. My favorite favorite product is Oribe’s Royal Blowout. It contains a heat protectant and adds a little shine. I spray that all over while my hair’s damp and dry with a hair dryer and round brush. It takes time but the polish is worth it.

And here’s that bad, grainy photo of me and Tyson Beckford…

I should have my selfie makeup on when I met Tyson Beckford
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