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A few months ago, I was  having lunch at the SoHo House LA with Andrew Weitz. Andrew is a fashion company executive and style consultant, and we were talking about how investing in one’s personal style has the power to improve every aspect of her/his life: professional, love, health – all of it.

Andrew knows this as a matter of fact, not just opinion, for he has seen even some of the most successful people in Hollywood take their lives up a notch after working with him. As he puts it, “when you understand your personal style, everything changes. Your walk, your will, your limits.”

We love this philosophy so much, and it’s with that thought in mind that we’re delighted to introduce you to Glamhive Style – our new service that enables you to be styled by top stylists from around the world, 100% online.

For the first time, you can get style advice and have your wardrobe edited and curated by stylists including Tara Swennen, Caley Rinker, and Rachel Wirkus. Tara is one of the top 25 most powerful stylists in Hollywood according to The Hollywood Reporter. Tara is smart, driven, generous and has such an impeccable sense of style that actresses including Emily Ratajkowski and Kristen Stewart trust her with theirs.

Our inaugural team of celebrity stylists also include Brittany Hart, Lindsey Dupuis, and Rhonda Spies.  Collectively they have styled some of the top names in Hollywood including Gwyneth Paltrow, Cindy Crawford, Nikki Reed, Liv Taylor, and countless others. Their work and advice are regularly featured in publications like InStyle, New York Times, Rolling Stone, WhoWhatWear and many, many others.

In addition to our celebrity stylists, we offer an array of stylists, personal shoppers, and style influencers who have worked with everyone from recent college grads to executives, moms-to-be to globe-trotters to help them cultivate their personal and professional style for every occasion and season.

Our goal is a simple one – to make it easy for you take your personal style to the next level, so you have the confidence to go-for and achieve everything you want in your life.

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