Paris Dispatch: When the Most Basic Becomes Stylish

Paris Couture Week: When the Most Basic Becomes Stylish

Whenever a fashion week rolls around — be it ready-to-wear, resort, or couture — we can expect the style on the streets to be as equally entertaining and lavish as the clothing coming down the runways. Stylists, editors, bloggers, and the like are notorious for reserving their loudest, most over-the-top pieces for the photographers swarming outside the shows.

This Couture Week in Paris however, the style circumventing the shows was palpably quieter than ready-to-wear weeks. In place of busy prints, towering stilettos, and ornate sunglasses, were sleek, understated outfits paired with comfortable, practical footwear. There were sneakers worn with slip dresses. Monochromatic suits were paired unironically with ballet flats. Even Chiara Ferragni, the eccentric fashion darling known to wear a ball gown to a ready-to-wear show, was almost unrecognizable in a refined charcoal bustier and tailored black trousers.

Paris Couture Week: When the Most Basic Becomes Stylish Paris Couture Week: When the Most Basic Becomes Stylish

Style… it’s all about the attitude. Check out more looks from Paris Couture Week on @glamhive-style.

Boiler suits were seen more than once. An all black ensemble was kicked up a notch with a fringed suede jacket. There were leather jackets and jeans — the latter of which seems almost inappropriate at a couture show. And yet…it wasn’t. At all.

The street style this week, though simple, felt both personal and mature. It proved that style isn’t so much about the clothes as it is about the attitude, which seems fitting given that it all took place in Paris, the heart of that je ne sais quoi style.

“The French make even the most basic stylish,” Parisian fashion blogger Léna Mahfouf of Léna Situations told us. And while not all of the street stylers snapped outside the shows are French, it seems that their style is rubbing off. Or perhaps after years of over-the-top, impractical style, we’re all ready to get a little more comfortable, even while watching couture.

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