Men’s Style: It’s More About Your Personal Brand

Men's Style: It's More About Your Personal Brand | Glamhive Blog

Let’s agree from the start that there have been some fundamental changes in menswear over the last few years that permitted for individuality and the breakdown of what was once considered sacred in how men dressed. I am not going to focus on the state of the suit or what was once considered the standard uniform of men who were corporate conformist. The reality is that even for men, style is now about your own individual brand versus anything else.

As I like to express to our creative director Amanda, the more “bearded, tattooed, knit cap wearing hipsters” are out there, the less individual that look has become. Granted I am not bearded or like to sport a knit cap; however, my style still echoes the individuality I look for. I like my looks to be precise, tailored, and fitted just so. I find comfort in precision.

I also like a bit of flamboyance without being over the top. And I work to achieve that through richness of fabric, whether it is pima cotton, silk, or cashmere. Do I need couture tees? No. But I like quality fabrics that drape well and allow me a freedom of movement. I once tried on a tee at AllSaints and Amanda quipped, asking if I was going for the Star Trek look… I was not. But what matters here is that fit is everything and that not many of you have the luck to have a top-notch stylist with you on a shopping expedition.

The key thing to pay attention to in 2016 is that men’s fashion is as much about the right designer as it is about the precise fit. In other words, when buying off the rack, take the extra 25-30 minutes to have a tailor make sure you have a precise fit.

One last note; if you are going to latch on to a trend, think about it. Is this something that will be timeless? Is this something that you want in the moment? Is this something that is fun and not idiotic.

Classic does not mean staid, it means that you can pull it off with ease and precision.

In the end, the world is your runway; decide on your look and how it reflects your personal brand. It is not about being the hippest; it has always been about owning the room that you walk into.

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