Meet Glamhive Girl Layne Fable

Glamhive Girl Layne Fable

When we scout for our Glamhive Girl each month, there’s always this indescribable quality that sets her apart from the rest. She’s glam in her own way, has a clearly defined sense of style, is confident, and has this candidly cool quality about her–but it’s more than that. It’s like love at first sight. You just know. This month’s Glamhive Girl is student at Fordham University in New York but already thinks like an executive. With internships at Racked and Lancôme under her belt, a determined spirit, and the enviable ability to pull off dark lipstick, she is a force we can’t help but watch. Meet March’s Glamhive Girl, Layne Fable.

Occupation, in your own words:  Student, blogger, photographer, intern, and content creator.

School / area of study: Fordham University, Lincoln Center / Communications in New Media and Visual Arts.


Where you live: New York, NY.

Describe NY style: Eclectic and creative—whatever you want it to be.

Describe your personal style: Versatile. Lots of black. Attention to detail and texture. 

Style motto: You can never be too overdressed or wear enough black.

Meet Glamhive Girl Layne Fable

Style icons: Danielle Bernstein, Norma Kamali, Hailey Baldwin, Rachel Zoe.

What attracted you to Glamhive? Glamhive basically rewards me for my shopping addiction—with more opportunities to shop. It doesn’t get much better than that. I am also a huge fan of social media, so it is the perfect combination of all of my favorite things. Fashion. Shopping. Photography. Social media.  Psst… Follow Layne on Glamhive @laynabayna.

What does glam mean to you? Polished and put together. 

Guilty pleasures: Cupcakes, pizza, shopping, Netflix.

Last thing you Googled: 2016 bikinis—trying to find the perfect one for spring break!

Signature piece: Anything leather.

Go-to brands: AllSaints, Free People, AG Jeans, Stuart Weitzman.

What you’re coveting now for spring: Fendi monster tote, B-Low The Belt rouge belt, and ILLESTEVA mirrored sunglasses.


Biggest accomplishments: Landing my two dream internships this year: editorial intern at Racked/Vox Media and PR intern at Lancôme. Having SHORT & SWEET reach a global viewership.

Biggest inspiration: My parents—they work hard and play hard. My dad wakes up happy every morning and I think it is so important to create your own happiness. And my mom does everything she sets her mind to, no matter how big or how small. 

What’s your jam right now (music, clothes, etc.): Music: Waves by Miguel. Clothes: velvet accent pieces. Food: red velvet flavored anything.

Trends to steer clear of: Neons and plaid. I am not a fan of neon and I think plaid can be pulled off by some, but you run the risk of looking like a lumberjack.

Book we should all read: Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

Best advice you’re ever been given, or could ever give: Feelings are overrated. Create your own happiness. 

Thing most people wouldn’t guess about you: I can eat a whole Porterhouse steak in one sitting. I’m convinced my stomach is a blackhole.


Your photos are always so candid and unposed, yet confident. What advice can you give to those who are a little camera shy who want to get a great shot? Ask someone you’re close with to take the photos, it’s much easier to goof off. It’s important not to take it too seriously—play music, have fun, think about things that make you happy. Don’t focus too much on the camera in front of you.

Top 3 favorite restaurants in NYC: Zero Otto Nove, Marc Forgione, The Meatball Shop.

Ultimate career goals: Be my own boss. I’d love to design my own clothing line.

Hobbies: Hiking with my pups, Flywheel, live music, shopping, drawing/designing, painting, jumping out of planes (that was one time but I’d do it again).

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Photos by Melissa Brodie.

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