Meet Glamhive Girl Daniela Ruiz


If you asked Daniela Ruiz her best advice she could ever give, she’d advise you not to let anyone ever tell you your dream are too big. As simple as it sounds, it’s advice that has served her well. Just after graduating college from the US (she was born in Colombia!) and adding her own signature spice to the fashion blogging world, her next big step is to move cross-country from Seattle to New York City. Before she takes off, let’s get to know a bit more about our latest Glamhive Girl…

Occupation: Currently I’m a recent graduate with dreams of moving to NYC to pursue a career in fashion. I’m pursuing what I love through my blog but I’m ready to take on my dream job when it comes along!

Her On Instagram: @danielamarino

Where you live: Seattle WA, but moving to NYC in the fall

Biggest accomplishments: Graduating college in the US! My family moved to the states when I was only 11 and I would never in my wildest dreams have thought I would be where I am. Hard work and perseverance pay off every time.

Meet Glamhive Girl Daniela Ruiz

Guilty pleasure: Arequipe. 100 percent. For those of you not familiar with the dish, it is basically dulce de leche or caramel, but creamier. I could eat a jar of it in a day, and I always force my mom to bring me a lot when she visits from Colombia.

Style motto: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” -Coco Chanel.

Describe your personal style: I believe clothes are a reflection of yourself and because I like to reinvent who I am and I am constantly changing, my style varies every day. Some days I am more urban rocker and love a leather jacket and an all black look. Other days I like a delicate, more feminine style and want pastels. Some days I want a pop of color; but one thing remains the same, less is more. I’m always minimalistic with statement pieces, maybe with color, or texture, or asymmetrical details.

Meet Glamhive Girl Daniela Ruiz

Style icon: Olivia Palermo! She knows exactly how to put pieces together that might not be eye catching on their own, to create an elegant and statement-worthy look every time.

What attracts you to Glamhive? I love the idea of having a place where I can have access to fashion at my fingertips. Not only that, but I love how finally my favorite looks can be easily replicated and bought on the spot and I can finally stop asking: “where did she get that?”

What does glam mean to you? A way of dress that makes a statement and radiates elegance… And your own personal style.

Meet Glamhive Girl Daniela Ruiz

Signature piece: A black tuxedo capelet from BCBG. It is timeless but sure to elevate any look from a simple dress to a ripped jeans and a t-shirt look.

Go-to brands: BCBG, Zara.

Trends to steer clear of: Mesh and see-through tops / dresses have never been my thing. A lot of the time these pieces can look tacky and they are hard to style, plus they just go in and out of style simultaneously.

Wedding season is here, any secrets to being the best dressed wedding guest? Wear something that makes you feel good. I think that confidence truly can be your best accessory. From years of working in retail I have learned that it isn’t about dressing in what is “cool” or “trendy.” The best dress a woman can wear is one that puts a smile on her face. That makes all of the difference.

Meet Glamhive Girl Daniela Ruiz

Meet Glamhive Girl Daniela Ruiz

Last thing you Googled: Best photo editing apps. ‘Can’t blame me, I’m always looking for the best way to make my pics stand out from the rest!

What’s your jam right now: The Chainsmokers are my favorite right now, specially their song “New York City;” and Copa America, I am a HUGE soccer fan and can’t wait to see my team play in Seattle next week.

Hobbies: I love going salsa dancing. Growing up in South America basically gave me a default setting to always want to dance! I also love watching fashion documentaries, reading and being outdoors, either on a hike or camping.

Best advice you’ve ever been given, or could ever give: “Don’t let anyone ever tell you your dreams are too big…” and that working hard will always reward you in the long run.

Thing most people wouldn’t guess about you: That I speak Spanish! I have practically lost all of my accent and can very easily blend in as someone who only speaks English. Also there is a chance that I might have redhead babies (my mom was a redhead!).

Ultimate career goals: Sounds cheesy, but I want to be a Miranda Priestly! Maybe a nicer version, but in the end, a driven and strong woman who gets to travel the world and live fashion 24/7.

Meet Glamhive Girl Daniela Ruiz

Scariest thing you’ve ever done: Well this hasn’t happened yet, but moving to NYC. Making the decision to go halfway across the US with no family and barely any connections has been the scariest decision of my life, but one I’m sure I will never regret.

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