Meet Glamhive Girl Amanda Johnson

Glamhive Girl Amanda Johnson has #selfidence

Who is Glamhive Girl? The #glamhivegirl is confident, kind, smart, stylish, and maybe even a little outside the box. Amanda Johnson, our Creative Director, embodies all of these qualities and is our newest #glamhivegirl of the month. She has a surprising love for Drake, has mad skills with a selfie remote, and a contagious don’t give a damn attitude about expressing herself with fashion. Grab some candy, read her interview below, and don’t hold back your girl crush.

Occupation, in your own words: Creator of beautiful experiences.

Where you live: Seattle

Describe your Seattle Style: Neo-goth but not cheesy Tampa 80’s Azreal Goth. My style trends very Vince with a bit of Helmut Lang, elegantly perched on top of stilettos. The color choice obviously is black, but even with black there are variations in the color, and you have so many choices of black…so many.

Glamhive Girl Amanda Johnson Glamhive Girl Amanda Johnson

Guilty pleasure: There are so many and it changes often, yet right now I make due with:

  • Polaroid pictures. I carry a small printer in my bag so I can print my selfies or ideas I capture (#selfidence).
  • The Spice Girls. You would never guess who is my favorite.
  • Drake. There’s a lot of fun here and some of it is sarcastic.
  • Candy. Every girl has a secret candy drawer. I’ve been known to wipe out Sour Patch Kids in an instant.
  • People watching. I love up making up stories about them. Sometimes very elaborate stories. This is always better when you can riff on it with another creative friend. Especially after a cocktail.
  • Taking the toiletries from The Four Seasons when I stay there, they are L’Occitane after all.

Style motto: Do not give a _ _ _ _ what anyone thinks about your outfit. The person whose opinion counts is you. If you feel like the bad bitch you are then you can wear whatever you are scared to wear.

Your style in two words: Mysterious and modern-noir. I’ve been called a superhero sometimes, but I don’t wear a cape. Although, the McQueen capes could work in a pinch.

Style icon: Barbie. It sounds counter to what you’ve read so far but she is the original Glamhive girl. ‘Looks great, has a ton of clothes, accessories, and several fast cars.

What attracted you to Glamhive? I love fashion and love seeing what inspires people. We have the opportunity to show that the fashion world can be a great and supportive community and not as catty as the movies make it out to be (follow her on Glamhive @jstylz).

Glamhive Girl Amanda JohnsonGlamhive Girl Amanda Johnson

Selfie secrets: With the selfie remote I am totally confident in my picture. It’s my phone and my stage, so I totally own it. I had a date who thought that I left him since I was taking my time setting up my bathroom selfie… Set up your shots. It’s not film so you can take as many as you want. Also, use the ambient light and not the flash.

Last thing you Googled: Canopy beds. I recently moved and want one so bad. I like my room to have that always on vacation feel with a touch of pretty princess. I know, I am a contradiction.

Biggest hurdles in your careerI started in the fashion industry at 18. I was fearless and it helped me land some of my favorite jobs; however, being the youngest is hard and sometimes people don’t take you seriously. It makes things challenging so you have to be the very best. In this situation any style choice you make has to be bold and on point.

Standing up for what you believe in is difficult because style is so subjective and you have to have conviction and courage. Once on a shoot, the art director and I really got into it over how a shirt should be buttoned to be “very gangster.” You see, the shirt needed to be buttoned all the way up and the style notes said to unbutton one. Seriously, that’s not gangster and we would have looked like we had no clue.

This part is important and is a cornerstone of the Glamhive brand and what it means to be a Glamhive Girl. We are supportive, kind, and still badass.

Being young and motivated in this industry can sometimes be difficult and I had run-ins with the mean girls club. That experience taught me to be authentic, true to myself, and versatile. This allows me to move across many styles and not be pigeonholed. The key is to appreciate where someone is coming from to help them get to the next best version of how they want to express themselves through fashion.

As far as the mean girls are concerned, they never get very far. Sure I cried some nights, but now I can navigate some of the toughest situations. In any case, they only thought about labels and brand… but a credit card cannot buy style, it only buys things.

Glamhive Girl Amanda JohnsonGlamhive Girl Amanda Johnson

Biggest accomplishments: GLAMHIVE! I mean yes and no. This is an exciting time, an amazing opportunity, and I feel lucky every day to be part of it. Sometimes it doesn’t seem real. Everyone I work with is so awesome, genuine, caring, and so passionate. I love it. The “no” part is that we are really just starting this journey together and I want us to really create a movement and a genuine experience.

Biggest inspiration: I get inspiration from everywhere and everyone and I love seeing how people express themselves. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and give myself a heads-up about the future. Yet, when I stop and look at where I’ve come from I amaze myself. I’m a small town girl who wanted to be a photo journalist or work for National Geographic and yet I’ve found something that I love. A good friend once told me, it’s not how we start it’s how you finish.

What’s your jam right now (music, clothes, etc.): AllSaints seems to be what I am wearing most days in one form or another. My taste in music is eclectic as you can see from my Drake reference and Spice Girls. I can go from metal, punk, rock, funk, to hip-hop and back.

Trends to steer clear of: Jellies, seriously what the gel is happening with those.

Book we should all read: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. I’m texting this interview right now.

Best advice you’re ever been given, or could ever give: Drink more water, get more sleep. Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are the only one who believes it.

Most thrilling moment in your career: Cocktails made from thousand year old ice on location in Alaska.

Thing most people wouldn’t guess about you: You know the opening scene from Back To The Future in Doc Brown’s workshop with all the clocks….well, I have a clock in every room of my home.

Glamhive Girl Amanda JohnsonGlamhive Girl Amanda Johnson Glamhive Girl Amanda Johnson  Glamhive Girl Amanda Johnson

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