It’s Not Easy Being Pantone Green

It's Not Easy Being Pantone Green | Glamhive Blog

How do you approach dressing in a color whose Pantone-Color-of-the-Year moment has passed? Last year, Marsala, before that, Radiant Orchid, and before that Emerald green. Spring, and our very American St. Patrick’s Day holiday has us wanting, or feeling obligated to wear green. So I ask again, how do you wear a color that has already oversaturated the trend sphere? The short answer is: you wear whatever you please. The long answer? Consider these ways to make post-Pantone green fresh.

Nothing says 2013 fashion blogger like emerald green and bib necklaces. If that’s harsh, I’ll tone it down. Really, there are other tones besides emerald for spring. Nature-inspired greens like evergreen and moss as well as blue-toned greens are the hues that pop up the most in my Glamhive searches. One of my favorite greens in the Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag in Moss. It’s rich, but low key. I also love the idea of an evergreen leather or suede jacket–it’s like an earthy but still luxe take on green velvet.

My favorite part about setting rules is brainstorming ways they can be artfully broken. Rihanna singing Bitch Better Have My Money in that emerald green fur coat, sunglasses, thigh high boots, and Versace choker to matchThat is the kind of fashion moment I pine for (I am so sorry, that pun was baaaaad.)

The point is, it’s not like we’re all banned from wearing emerald because every fashion outlet overdosed on it in 2013. We’re all just looking for something new: a new conversation, a new story. Replace a bib necklace with a scarf or choker. Substitute gaudy gem earrings with tassels. We’ll be sick of these things three years (or months) from now, and we can try our hardest to surpass trends by sticking to the classics, but even the classics are redefined each decade. It’s like the lady who never stopped wearing her high school hairstyle and it’s suddenly 2016 and she still has teased bangs. You just can’t look away, but for all the wrong reasons. Update, refresh, renew, and when the time is right, recycle.

My green picks:

Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini | It's Not Easy Being Pantone GreenVeda suede jacket | It's Not Easy Being Pantone GreenIllesteva sunglasses | It's Not Easy Being Pantone GreenMansur Gavriel bucket bag | It's Not Easy Being Pantone Green

From left: Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini, Veda jacket, Illesteva sunglasses, and Mansur Gavriel bucket bag

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