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Fashion from Los Angeles is known to be laid-back and casual. Maxi dresses and skirts, cut-off shorts, tank tops, floppy hats. When you’ve lived in Los Angeles all of your life, that laid-back attitude not only becomes a part of your personality but also your wardrobe.

Fashion, wellness, and lifestyle blogger Iridescent Scarab is effortlessly chic. She looks just as stylish in a layered sweater look with statement glasses as she does in a T-shirt and jeans with a large brim hat. With her eye-catching red hair and her stunning smile, she’s a natural on camera. (Her theater and dance background also doesn’t hurt.) But it’s her true honesty and ingenuity that shines through in her posts as she talks about her struggles with self-worth and anxiety.

Iridescent Scarab, a.k.a. Erin Ashley, talked to us about how she started the blog, how her love of fashion came to be, and where she hopes to be in the next year. Watch out for this one. She’s going places.


Q&A with Iridescent Scarab

Who or what has inspired you to have a strong sense of personal style leading you to start your own blog?

I grew up with a single mother who worked every day and one of my very first babysitters had an amazing sense of style. She was the first person who told me who Tom Ford was and that immediately sparked my interest in fashion.


How would you describe your sense of style?

I would describe my sense of style as girly and edgy. My favorite example of this is wearing a white lacy dress with a tight motorcycle jacket and boots. I love the way those two opposites look together and those are the two opposites that I identify with the most in terms of my personality as well.


How do you experiment with your style? With new colors, designers, fabrics?

At this point in time, I actually don’t have it in my budget to splurge on designer pieces so I like to get really creative with my style. In terms of colors I like wearing really bright colors (green and blue are my favorites) or I like wearing black and white together, sometimes pairing it with a bright accessory for a pop of color. However, I am always influenced by whatever season it is when I choose the colors that I wear. With fabrics, similar to what I said before about pairing lace and leather, I really like mixing fabrics and textures to really pull an outfit together like a soft boyfriend blazer paired with some rough and torn-up denim jeans.

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If you could shoot for your blog anywhere in the world, what is your dream location?

I would love to shoot in Bali or any tropical jungle type of setting. I would love to visit and shoot in a place that’s very spiritual with a lot of history behind it. Machu Picchu would be absolutely incredible as well!


Where do you hope to take your blog in the next year?

Within the next year I would love to continue to grow my following that I refer to as my “Iridescent Warriors” and continue to connect fashionable like-minded people that have overcome obstacles using social media and the Internet to do so. This might include expanding my YouTube Channel as well. I would also like to continue to work with brands for collaborations and eventually I would love to start my own products and clothing line as well.


Your blog is not only fashion but also wellness and lifestyle. What made you want to include all three?

When I was thinking of names for my blog, I kept coming back to the word “iridescent”. The dictionary definition describes iridescent as “showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.” I’ve read that definition over and over again and one of the things that really stuck with me is the fact that iridescence includes luminous colors, plural, not just one color. I think as human beings it’s important to recognize that we are not defined by just one interest. It’s wonderful to be passionate about fashion but we are all much more multidimensional and complex than that. I think everyone can relate to having more than one interest so I was very inspired to include wellness and lifestyle to create a more well-rounded blog and atmosphere on the internet.


What is something that your followers don’t know about you that you would love to share?

Something I’m proud of to this day that not many people know about me is that in 7th grade I took a computer course. I was so inspired by the course that over the summer I not only taught myself HTML and CSS Coding but I created my very own website with personalized animated images that I created by myself from the ground up. Eventually, my computer teacher found my website and gave me a shout-out through the school newsletter. However, my passion for computers and all things Internet related did not stop there. In addition, I taught myself how to use Photoshop which led to a lot of creations in graphic design. I continued to develop my computer skills through research, hard work, experimentation and online tutorials. There are absolutely no limits when you have a curious soul and fierce determination!

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