How to Lift Your Mood with a Brighter Winter Wardrobe


As we approach the new year, our wardrobe starts to shift into our winter palette. Out go the fall colors of burnt oranges, burgundies, and purples, and in come neutral grays, blacks, navys, and winter whites. While wearing pastels during the winter is very on trend this year, it’s still second nature to integrate lighter colors on gloomy days; plus, certain pastels are not universal for all skin tones. Regardless, aren’t bright colors for spring and bold colors for summer? They’re not for winter! Or are they?

During the wintertime, we are most vulnerable to depression and sickness. Less sunlight means the days are shorter and we tend to lack serotonin when we need it most. When women get depressed, a lot of us turn to relaxation, usually in our comfiest sweats with our tastiest treats. But as you can’t always wear stretchy waistbands and eat comfort foods, there are ways to enhance your mood and boost your confidence even on the gloomiest of days. All you have to do is add more colors to your winter color palette.

If you want to avoid colors from the Easter egg basket palette, you can choose colors that are richer and deeper that best fit your skin tone. With each color comes a certain emotion:




  • RED: confident, demands attention, powerful.
  • PINK: playful, feminine, opens you up to self-love.
  • BURGUNDY: stable, centered, grounded.
  • ORANGE: energetic, friendly, social.
  • YELLOW: happy, cheerful, uplifting.
  • GREEN: uplifting, soothing, neutral, brings balance to your life.
  • BLUE: calming if a lighter hue; energizing if a darker hue, also helps with intuition.
  • PURPLE: calming if a lighter hue; eccentric, bold, and mysterious if a darker hue.
  • GRAY: elegant, sophisticated.


To get the most out of your outfit, also pay attention to the fit. Make sure you feel comfortable but also not wearing something that you would wear on a “fat day” or a “sick day”. Wear something you naturally feel confident in, maybe something that you’ve gotten compliments on before. Look for pieces that add a bit of structure to your look so you intuitively want to sit up straight. When you look polished and professional, you look confident and it instantly lifts your mood. If you’re allowed to be playful with your look, considering wearing an eye-catching print and add a statement necklace or hat.


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Don’t let the gloomy days get you down. We still have a few months of winter ahead of us so take advantage of the adorable scarves, hats, and capes you’re buying this season and work that runway, a.k.a. sidewalk, to go on about your day. When you’re all dressed up, make sure you share your photo on your Glamhive account so we can see how fabulous you are!

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