How to Incorporate Textures into Your Winter Wardrobe


One of the great things about winter fashion is that you get to explore different textures. During warmer seasons, you mainly have to stick to cotton or any fabric that breathes. But during the winter seasons, you not only get to explore gorgeous rich colors, but also a range of textures, fit for everyone from girly girls to rocker chicks.

While we might be touching on a few animal products, you can also easily find vegan options on Glamhive. There’s no need to sacrifice your fashion sense for your values.



Velvet is soft and classic. It’s wonderful for winter because it’s already such a warm fabric, but as velvet usually comes in dark colors and jewel tones, they are perfect for your holiday parties and to wear for the rest of the season.











Leather is the epitome of rock and roll. Leather signifies power, control, and confidence. Rock a classic pair of leather pants or wear it in a more modern way by donning a leather miniskirt or top. For lovers of vegan leather, these boots are INCREDIBLE. Pair them with your favorite structured LBD for an unexpected twist or a leather jacket and your favorite dark denim.













Suede feels a bit softer than leather but is just as warm. It’s more readily available in more colors so you can find a shade that works best with your skin tone and color palette. Wear an A-line suede skirt to bring out your inner Taylor Swift or wear your favorite booties like Ellie Goulding or Rachel Bilson. This vegan suede top by Urban Outfitters is also a great option!












There’s no need to hurt your favorite animals to rock fur this season. Faux fur is oh so chic! Make any outfit instantly glamorous with a faux fur jacket, be more hipster chic with a vest, or brave the snow with Moschino boots fit for a snow queen.











Handmade by a family member or your favorite designer, knit is is the epitome of comfort and warmth. While knit is more commonly found as accessories, such as hats, scarves, and gloves, try wearing a knit sweater dress or a jacket to feel cozy all over!











Flannel is one of the lighter winter fabrics but it layers very well. Made of either cotton or wool, this is also a great option for vegans. Unfortunately, flannel tends to have a bad reputation, but we assure you with the right piece, you can look fashionable in this fabric without looking like Paul Bunyan.


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Shearling is the skin from a sheared sheep or lamb with the wool left on. It’s smooth on one side with wool on the other. These items below are lined with the wool so others don’t see it but you feel it. However, you can easily find synthetic options, such as this oversized collar jacket at ASOS, that look just as chic!









Main photo credit: Nathaniel Goldberg x Vogue China

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