Easy Versatile Makeup Looks for Halloween

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Halloween makeup has gotten a bad reputation. It’s not always about making yourself look scary or downright horrifying. You don’t have to add scales, fake gashes, or bruises. Just like in your normal everyday lives you can use makeup to amplify your look. On Halloween, you can simply amp up the looks you do on a daily basis. There’s no need to worry about drawing tattoos, shapes, or anything crazy to make your look complete. If you have a full makeup collection, it’s probable you already know plenty of techniques to create a gorgeous makeup look to pair with your costume.

The key to fantastic makeup for your costume is to keep these key details in mind: your character’s decade, profession, and how open this costume is to interpretation. If you’re a flapper, make sure your makeup is true to the trends in the 20s. If you’re a Disney Princess, add a lot of shimmer and aim for a bright-eyed youthful look. But we all know that there are thousands of interpretations for vampires so you can either go with a classic high-contrast look, a more neutral but shinier Twilight look, or create your own!

To make your Halloween night a bit easier but no less glamorous, here are a few of our favorite makeup looks that can easily pair with your ideal Halloween costume whether you decide to go as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Kylie Jenner, or the Subway Pizza Rat.



This era is all about bronzing and jewel tones. Keep it simple by applying a shimmery eyeshadow over your eyelids and under your eyes. Bronze and contour your cheekbones. Finally, make your eyes pop with a volumizing mascara.

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Keep it sexy and mysterious with a smoldering smoky eye or bold lip. Play it classic with a smokey eye and pale lip or keep to a particular decade, such as the 90s, with a lighter smokey eye and a dark lip. For the 80s, choose louder colors to make everything pop!

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Pale eyelids, striking winged black eyeliner, and bold red lips. It’s nothing you haven’t tried before or even love to do on a daily basis.

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For these looks, make your makeup high-contrast. Pake skin, striking volumizing mascara, shimmery eyeshadow, and bold dark lips.

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Pinks, purples, jewel tones, glitter, and lip gloss. Make yourself shine! If you’re trying to emulate a particular princess, you can play off the looks they have in their films. But usually matching your outfit does the trick. Snow White keeps her look pale and high-contrast but still delicate: light skin, black hair, bold red lip. For Jasmine, you can stick to jewel tones and a neutral berry lip stain. Whoever you choose, have fun with it!








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