Don’t Give A Damn, Get Glam: The Glamhive Girl

Don't give a damn, get glam: the Glamhive girl.

Glam is in our name. And it’s not a word you choose to describe yourself with if you want to blend into the background. You need confidence to be glam, but also kindness and intellectual curiosity. It’s good to be glam, and here’s why:

Glam is confidence.

It’s the confidence to walk with your head held high whether you’re rocking six-inch heels or flats. It’s the self-assurance to know you look damn good in that selfie (#selfidence), and yes, you’re going to post it. It is not self-deprecating; it’s being your fiercest self and owning it. There is no need to downplay your awesomeness in fear of seeming too this or too that. Self-confidence is what feeds your soul, allowing you to be successful and spread it to others.

Glam is kindness.

It’s the ultimate luxury to be kind and supportive of our peers. A glam girl knows this, and always compliments a fellow glam girl. She has enough self-confidence to feel secure with the success of others. There’s enough of that wealth to go around.

Glam is smart.

Glam is boss. Glam is weird. Glam is stylish. You stand out because you think outside the box. Inherently, that makes you a little weird, but wickedly smart. You have style like no one else and aren’t concerned with fitting into the mold. Ultimately, you know yourself and your strengths, and it allows you to get done what you need to get done.

Glam is not: diva, jealous, rude, ostentatious, or pretentious. Glamour comes from within, and cannot be achieved by stepping on anyone else.

My New Year’s resolution is to glam it up a bit. Physically, that means throwing on a fluffy fur coat, wearing some heels, making sure my hair’s on point, and keeping my eyebrows as sharp as my Instagram captions. Underneath all that, I’m creating a posture that will remind me to keep the confidence. You can’t slump your shoulders in defeat when your fur coat gives you the stature of an 80’s soap queen.

It feels good to be glam.

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