Bathroom Selfie Secrets From Someone Who Takes a Lot of Them

Bathroom Selfie Secrets | Glamhive Blog

Long before it was cool (or that’s what I tell myself frequently), I started taking bathroom selfies. I like the variation in light and surroundings. I like the idea of trying to get a photo quickly since a lot of people look at you kind of funny if you have your phone and a tripod with you. The whole thing stemmed from a project my previous mentor turned me to, which was a model doing dressing room photos, only she would bring a backpack full of props. I haven’t gotten that brave yet. However, I have changed clothes and spent enough time in the bathroom to really make people wonder what I might actually being doing in the bathroom for sooooo long. It’s hard to explain to people that you have a purpose.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite bathroom photos. Oddly while going through all of them I have been able to identify all of the locations, so if you are in Seattle, you are about to get a list of my top secret bathrooms.

The Airport

A long time favorite is oddly the Seattle Tacoma International Airport bathroom. Strange I know, but the sterile stainless steel stall wall and the fluorescent light coming from only one side creates great fall-off. I have more than one photo in this bathroom. You can turn your photos in a place like this into just about anything you want. Edgy, and moody, and dark? You totally got it. If you want a light, airy feel as if you are in the clouds already, it’s all a matter of adjusting your levels. Yes I cheat by using a number of apps to adjust exposure, shadows, etc. We all do it. It happens.

W Hotel

I have taken some of my favorite selfies in random bathrooms. The bathroom at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle is pretty amazing if you want the whole brooding, moody thing. It has a massive mirror and the lighting is warm and overhead, creating some fantastic shadows. I previously tagged it #whowhatwearwhenwhotel or something to that effect over the years. I forget about this place sometimes, simply because the interior design weirds me out. Also because a friend of mine a few years back said it was a little strange to be a local and hanging out at the W as a single woman. It took me a minute to figure out what he meant.

Bathroom Selfie Secrets | Glamhive Blog

W Hotel moods.


RN74 is superb–it’s all white subway tile and the placement of your phone gives just the right amount of negative space above your head to create interest. Even though most of the time I try to steer people far far away from the strange overhead negative space. If you want to show off your entire outfit but want to keep the constriction of  the classic Instagram square, rotate your camera to put your head in one corner and your toes in another corner. Voila! Now your entire outfit is in the photo.

Bathroom Selfie Secrets | Glamhive Blog

Subway tile at RN74.


Barolo in downtown Seattle not only has a great happy early and late night hour, but also has a bathroom with mirrors that reflect infinitely. This has always entertained me; for some reason it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. It also makes me question how intense the men’s room is, but I haven’t been brave enough to peek in. Personally, I like leaving men’s restrooms a mystery.

Some of my best and worst outfits have happened in the Barolo bathroom. There is one photo in particular of a white dress that would look amazing on someone who is at least 5’9, not someone shy of 5’ 5. It was an amazing dress, with gorgeous details in the stitching and a great drape though the neckline, but somehow I ended up looking like a sack. This is one thing I want everyone to know and know well about themselves: regardless of the clothing and how much it costs, if it’s not the right shape for you, it doesn’t matter. Expensive clothes that are ill fitting do not make you look better. If the clothes fit you well, it doesn’t matter if you picked them up at K-Mart; you will look a million times better than in the aforementioned ill-fitting attire.How to Take Your Best Bathroom Selfie

How To Take Your Best Bathroom Selfie

Bathroom Selfie Secrets | Glamhive Blog

Selfie de toillette.

A few helpful tips for taking bathroom selfies:

  1. Warn your companions that you might be in the bathroom for a while. No, you aren’t dead, you aren’t doing drugs, and you haven’t abandoned them. You are merely taking some photos.
  2. Avoid the flash with the mirror. If you were around for Myspace, you know what photos I’m talking about and you know why they are terrible for many reasons, more than just the bad mirror photos.
  3. If you need to use flash, you can use a hair tie and hold a thin piece of paper over the flash to diffuse it a bit.
  4. The timer function on your phone is your friend. Or a remote. I love my selfie remote.

There are a million other bathrooms I could write about as it is one of my favorite places to take photos. I’m currently working on a mildly challenging bathroom selfie–one that I have never done before–the #milehighselfie. Don’t worry, I’ll get it on this trip.

Now it’s your turn to rock your #selfidence. Take your bathroom selfie and share it with us in the Glamhive app.

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