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Men’s Style: It’s More About Your Personal Brand

Men's Style: It's More About Your Personal Brand | Glamhive Blog

Let’s agree from the start that there have been some fundamental changes in menswear over the last few years that permitted for individuality and the breakdown of what was once considered sacred in how men dressed. I am not going to focus on the state of the suit or what was once considered the standard uniform of men who were corporate conformist. The reality is …

Fashion Police: How To Tie a Tie Properly

How to Tie a Tie: The Right Knot | Glamhive

I’ve had every single job in a restaurant; front of the house, back of the house, and the bar. And I can tell you that some of the most fashion forward people I’ve met spent most of their time covered in restaurant crap. However, when we stepped out, things were a little different. All the guys and girls were sharp as a freshly honed chef’s …