Alexis Sargent

Glamhive Content Manager.

All Black Everything: Dos and Don’ts

All Black Everything: Dos and Don'ts

Black skinny jeans, black top, black leather jacket, black boots, black medium-sized bag. The look is a staple, but there is so much more to the color black. If you’re here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and you’re all out of bubblegum, that uniform will work for you. But let’s not limit ourselves–the ass-kicking possibilities are endless. First, a few dos and don’ts in the world …

Why Grey Matters In Your Wardrobe

Why Grey Matters on Glamhive

Poor grey gets a bad wrap. Grey skies, 50 Shades, going grey… It’s essentially known for gloomy weather, an awkward movie, and aging. It’s also known as the color of the classic sweatshirt– the universal fashion symbol for “I have stopped caring.” I’m here to remind you how amazing a grey outfit can be. Grey is the middle child between black and white. Black is the uber cool older …

Meet Glamhive Girl Amanda Johnson

Glamhive Girl Amanda Johnson has #selfidence

Who is Glamhive Girl? The #glamhivegirl is confident, kind, smart, stylish, and maybe even a little outside the box. Amanda Johnson, our Creative Director, embodies all of these qualities and is our newest #glamhivegirl of the month. She has a surprising love for Drake, has mad skills with a selfie remote, and a contagious don’t give a damn attitude about expressing herself with fashion. Grab some …

Don’t Give A Damn, Get Glam: The Glamhive Girl

Don't give a damn, get glam: the Glamhive girl.

Glam is in our name. And it’s not a word you choose to describe yourself with if you want to blend into the background. You need confidence to be glam, but also kindness and intellectual curiosity. It’s good to be glam, and here’s why: Glam is confidence. It’s the confidence to walk with your head held high whether you’re rocking six-inch heels or flats. It’s …

How To Do 90s Style

How To Do 90s Style

Kate. Johnny. Cindy. Naomi. Christy. Winona. They all did 90s style so well that bottling the mere essence of those heroes could create a magic style potion to last a lifetime. It’s no wonder why the 90s fashion resurgence is at it an all time high: we all want a little piece of that magic. And to get it, we just need the right recipe. …