Alexis Sargent

Glamhive Content Manager.

Vacation Packing List: The Romantic Getaway


The romantic getaway: it doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s all about who you’re going with. While I’m sure your love would still think you’re hot with nothing but a paper bag on, you need to pack something. We all know that you’ll be spending most of your romantic getaway in your hotel room anyway, so let’s just not get fully dressed. Why not have fun trying …

It’s Not Easy Being Pantone Green

It's Not Easy Being Pantone Green | Glamhive Blog

How do you approach dressing in a color whose Pantone-Color-of-the-Year moment has passed? Last year, Marsala, before that, Radiant Orchid, and before that Emerald green. Spring, and our very American St. Patrick’s Day holiday has us wanting, or feeling obligated to wear green. So I ask again, how do you wear a color that has already oversaturated the trend sphere? The short answer is: you …

Meet Glamhive Girl Layne Fable

Glamhive Girl Layne Fable

When we scout for our Glamhive Girl each month, there’s always this indescribable quality that sets her apart from the rest. She’s glam in her own way, has a clearly defined sense of style, is confident, and has this candidly cool quality about her–but it’s more than that. It’s like love at first sight. You just know. This month’s Glamhive Girl is student at Fordham University in …

8 Fashionable Movie Characters We Should Actually Hate

8 Fashionable Film Characters We Should Actually Hate

Fashion… Is there any other reason to watch a movie? I’m kidding, mostly. But there is nothing like costume design to transform a movie into an instant classic (or cult classic if the film is garbage). Like Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” When …

Blue Shoes Are the Post-Winter Therapy You Need


Have the winter blues? Well, you should. Blue is more than just a cool tone in 2016. Pantone made Serenity one of two colors-of-the-year, but all forms of the shade are topical. If you don’t wear any other color, try blue shoes. Did you know that Instagram photos with blue in them get more likes? I read it in an article somewhere, so it must be true. …

Selfie Makeup and Hair… In Case You Run Into a Celebrity

Selfie makeup and hair in case you run into a celebrity | Glamhive blog

As a wannabe minimalist, I’m on a forever quest to find the most efficient way to look good with little effort. You never know when the perfect morning light will stream through your window, if you’ll run into a fabulous friend at brunch, or hey, run into a celebrity at an event (it happened to me!). The urge to snap a selfie can strike at any time. …