Alexis Sargent

Glamhive Content Manager.

5 People to Follow on Glamhive


Every social media network has its breakout stars. Will you be the next Glamhive star? Here are five stylish members we’re loving and watching… Give them a follow, connect, post your style, and blaze a path to share your point of view. 1. annabrain Why we love annabrain: This girl wears it all and somehow pulls off every last look. We’ve seen her as a …

No More Birkenstocks: 17 Spring Sandals That Delight


No more Birkenstocks. Last spring, Birkenstocks. Were. My. Jam. The word Birks made a cameo in my Instagram bio. I even bought two pair: one in black suede and one in white patent leather for a more “springy” look. I was a new mom still trying to fit into my old wardrobe but not trying at all to be fashionable. All those minimalist street style …

Vacation Packing List: The Beach Getaway


A beach vacation. Groundbreaking. It’s the classic vacation that never gets old because we all need that vitamin D. The key word here for this vacation is escape, so let that guide your attitude and wardrobe choices. Escape the shade throwers in your life because the only shade that’s acceptable here is the variety cast by your ocean-blue and white-striped parasol. My challenge for you is to pack …

Your Boyfriend Won’t Miss This, Will He?


I hear it all the time. Babe, where’s my hoodie? Where’s my hat? Can I have my jeans back? Have you seen my v-neck? What about my black low-top Chuck Taylor’s? Since he was my boyfriend, my husband has watched his wardrobe staples steadily migrate from his closet to mine. What is it about borrowing from the boys that is so irresistible? Years ago on my …

Dress Like You’re Going to Coachella


The phrase Coachella style instantly conjures in my mind an image of flower crowns, crotchet crop tops, cutoff jeans, and gladiator sandals. There is a sense of an unsaid uniform for ‘Chella goers, and the look says hippie vibes (or anything vibes for that matter). The festival is just as much about fashion these days as it is about music, whether you loudly bemoan it …

The Canadian Tuxedo Reimagined


The Canadian tuxedo is simple. It’s denim on the top and denim on the bottom. Traditionally, it’s denim jeans and a denim shirt tucked under a—you guessed it—denim jacket. The Canuck Tux is typically starched, sturdy, and known for both its utility and the unofficial uniform of hipsters everywhere (or Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats band members). So many crazy cool things are happening …