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Meet Glamhive Girl Ruxandra Ioana

Meet Glamhive Girl Ruxandra Ioana

One of the unique things about Glamhive is that every day we get to see how style plays out around the world. With one scroll, we’re taking in the street style in Brooklyn, New York, then Paris. Scroll some more and Dubai, Miami, and Seattle fuse into an eclectic fashion blur. Our next stop takes us to Brussels where Ruxandra Ioana, our latest Glamhive Girl …

Trendcast: Make Ruffles Your Power Suit

Trendcast: Make Ruffles Your Power Suit

Ruffles don’t immediately conjure up the best examples of fashion triumphs. Potato chips? Yes. Little House On The Prairie? Yes. Epically bad 80s prom dresses? Totally. In the age of the saucily ruffled salsa dancer emoji, the time for ruffles is now. 💃🏻 The trend fits seamlessly within the “girl squad” storyline told in the social and fashion realms: own your girliness and harness power from …

8 Fresh Black and White Outfits for When You’re Out of Ideas – NYC Style


What’s black and white and looks good all over? Your wardrobe, my wardrobe… We all default to black and white outfits, and for good reason. Limit yourself to this lack of color and you’ll start to realize the endless combinations of light and dark, texture, and shape. Maybe you only wear white on the very tippy top just like a sparkling iceberg. Perhaps you take a gentler …

Meet Glamhive Girl Daniela Ruiz


If you asked Daniela Ruiz her best advice she could ever give, she’d advise you not to let anyone ever tell you your dream are too big. As simple as it sounds, it’s advice that has served her well. Just after graduating college from the US (she was born in Colombia!) and adding her own signature spice to the fashion blogging world, her next big step …

Make An Outfit for $100

Outfit for $100

Putting together an outfit for under $100, $50, or even less is a damn good skill. No matter how much money you have, there’s always that one wish list item you’re saving for, whether it’s a Gucci bag or a Free People dress. Personally, my next paycheck is earmarked for some Marais USA shoes, and oh, don’t get me started on Reformation dresses… However, that …

Upstage the Bride

Upstage the Bride | Glamhive blog

This wedding season, why don’t we call our outfit intentions what they really are. Do you really put that amazing red dress back in the closet because you’re worried you’ll look better than the bride though? No. It’s not like you’re going to wear a tiara and elbow length satin gloves and arrive to the party on a white horse, but maybe you look so …