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Glamhive Content Manager.

Meet Glamhive Girl Léna of Léna Situations

Meet Glamhive Girl Léna of Léna Situations

Léna on Glamhive: @lenamahfouf. The Blog: Léna Situations. Where you live: Paris, France. Occupation, in your own words: This might be the hardest question of this interview, it’s always very complicated to describe my work. I’m a student in Fashion and Luxury Marketing. When I’m not at school I’m taking photos with my Instagram husband for my blog and other social networks. I’m also working …

Trendcast: The Robe Coats Are Coming!

Trendcast: The Robe Coats Are Coming! | Glamhive blog

The robe coats are coming! The robe coats are coming! Now that you have been sufficiently alerted, let’s go over what this means. They’re not quite a dusters, not quite robes, not quite kimonos: They’re robe coats. Oftentimes satin with delicate floral prints, bedroom-appropriate color schemes, and a belted waist, these coats take their cue from romantic robes. Other times they take a minimalist turn …

The 10 Best Off the Shoulder Looks on Glamhive

The 10 Best Off the Shoulder Looks on Glamhive

So many naked shoulders, so little time. With only weeks left to squeeze out of our trusty tube of summer fashion (and sunscreen!), it’s time to make the most of our favorite off the shoulder tops before our fall coats block the spotlight. We’re not saying these tops will be gone forever, but it’s just not the same without the summer sun warming up our …

Trendcast: Ashley Olsen’s Shoe Philosophy is for the Boss Lady in All of Us


“I can’t wear an uncomfortable shoe. Rarely do you see me in stilettos.” -Ashley Olsen Ashley Olsen, one of the coolest and most influential fashion icons of our time, wears flats. Why? Because she has sh*t to do; she has a fashion empire to run. And because she’s an Olsen, her shoe choices are fashionable fashion. While discussing her shoe designs for The Row, Ashley …

Trendcast: We Need to Talk About Your Flair


Flair: stylishness and originality. These character attributes are the ultimate goals in fashion, and can hardly be called a trend. Flair as a trend, however, is the physical decoration of oneself to express that stylishness and originality, oftentimes represented in a graphic or cartoony illustration… Kind of like emojis in physical form. Remember in the movie Office Space when Jennifer Aniston plays a waitress at that …

Trendcast: The One Piece Swimsuit Will Rule Them All


Back when swimwear was referred to as a “bathing costume,” cumbersome fabric clinged down to the shins, and beach days could only be photographed in black and white, the one piece swimsuit ruled. Then the bikini was invented in the 1940s, and it eventually became the spring break standard. Since today’s one pieces have evolved so much, we’re due for a little Baywatch revival. It’s time …