Trendcast: Ashley Olsen’s Shoe Philosophy is for the Boss Lady in All of Us


“I can’t wear an uncomfortable shoe. Rarely do you see me in stilettos.” -Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen, one of the coolest and most influential fashion icons of our time, wears flats. Why? Because she has sh*t to do; she has a fashion empire to run. And because she’s an Olsen, her shoe choices are fashionable fashion.

While discussing her shoe designs for The Row, Ashley O. told Footwear News: “It’s interesting talking to [buyers] — they say that in the past several years, business has shifted to 70 percent flats. I was really excited about that, and we made the collection tight and focused as a result.”

Most of us are buying flats, so let’s get excited about them. Your flats shouldn’t feel like a consolation prize. Heels can be such eye candy that a pair of flats can seem like you’re settling. Literally — straight into the ground. It doesn’t change the fact that we need commuter shoes. We need standing-all-day-taking-coffee-order shoes. We need standing-desk shoes. Let’s want to want them too.

WHAT to wear: Slides, mules, ballet flats, slippers, loafers.

Who’s wearing it? The Olsens. Your boss. You.

WHERE to wear: Any place you just don’t feel like being a human flamingo.

HOW to wear: Step one: slip them on. You don’t even need to know how to tie your shoes. Just keep in mind that every shoe is meant to complement your outfit. A ballet flat will always look good with cropped trousers like the ones Audrey Hepburn wore. Slides are effortlessly cool with light summer tops and cropped jeans. If you want to spice things up, look for options with tassels and embellishment, or opt for an updated version of a classic shoe like brogues that have a slide-on, backless design.

Be a boss like Ashley Olsen and love your flats. Starting with…

Slides and Mules


@taoofsophia in some great snakeskin slides.


Left to right: Oscar de la Renta Mia satin bow slides, Vince Nadette slides, Prada velvet bow mule flat, Manolo Blahnik jeweled satin mule.


Smoking Slippers and Loafers

flatssidsirius taxi

Left: Open-toe bejeweled slippers? @sidsirus, we’re impressed. Right: @style_wire is BYOT: Bring your own taxi.

deltorochiara jonjosefmcqueen2

Left to right: Del Toro peace embroidery emoji smoking slippers, Chiara Farragni lipstick lace loafer, Jon Josef Gatsby loafer, Alexander McQueen jewel-embellished silk smoking slipper.

Ballet Flats

9b159633-5c31-4cd3-9b83-0d1a141d41c8 ballet

The ballet, two ways, both on @glamhive-style. Left: our street style find in New York. Right: A classic look we snapped in Paris.


Left to right: Salavatore Ferragamo jewel-heel lace-up flat, Miu Miu leather lace-up ballet flats, SJP Gelsey lace ballet flats, The Row Ava velvet flats.

Main photo via Olsens Anonymous.

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